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Warriors Football voluntary 2017 NFC Team Tryouts:
Registration opens on 1/25/17 interested NFC participants must register
for these tryouts by clicking here 

Current Plans for Team Tryouts


Note all tryouts are FULL Contact so each registrant must have all equipment, helmet, shoulder pads, pants, cleats.


***For upcoming tryouts please contact the Head Coach directly to make sure of any changes to the schedule*** 


Coach Gary Sanchez, 8 yr old/3rd grade Warriors Red, will hold additional tryouts for their team.  Tryouts will be scheduled in April with the dates TBD. You may contact Coach Sanchez directly at gsanchez@brocade.com or 303-335-5963


Coach Cory Spence, 9 yr old/4th grade Warriors Red, will hold tryouts for their team.  The next tryout will be Sun, Apr 9 at 10:00 am at Falcon Park.  You may contact Coach Spence directly at cspence74@gmail.com or 303-917-8637.


Coach Nathan Modrzewski, 10 yr old/5th grade Warriors Red, will hold tryouts for their team.  The scheduled tryouts are Sun 3/12 at 1:00 pm and Sun 4/2 at 2:00 pm.  All tryouts wil be at Highlands Heritage Regional Park, HHRP Field "F", turf football field.  You can contact Coach Modrzewaki directly at nathan@uvive.com or 720-975-5349.


Coach Mike Ryan, 10 yr old/5th grade Warriors Black, will hold tryouts in the near future.  You can contact Coach Ryan at 303-263-6308.  Warriors Black is a competitive football team. The core has been together for 3 years.  This team has been very successful with back to back trips to the NFC Super Bowl.  Hard work, dedication and commitment is what we are looking for!


Coach Zach Beutner, 11 yr old/6th grade Warriors Red, will hold tryouts for their team.  The tryouts are not yet scheduled.  You may contact Coach Beutner directly at zach.beutner@gmail.com or 303-521-9756.


Coach Andy Jenkins, 12 yr old/7th grade Warriors Red, will hold tryouts for their team.  The next tryout is scheduled for Fri Apr 7th at Falcon Park at 5:00 pm. The  tryout will focus on all positions.  For more information contact Coach Jenkins directly at jenkinscaptain@aol.com .


Coach Bryan Tompkins, 13 yr old /8th grade Warriors Fire, will hold a tryout, Thurs, March 9 at 4:30 pm at location Falcon Park.  You can go to this team's website for more team information at http://bubbat01.wixsite.com/warriorsfire .  Or contact Coach Tompkins directly at  .


All players wishing to participate in Team Tryouts must register via our on-line registration process by clicking "Register Now" on the Football home page!