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The following are some of the more important dates associated with  the 2015 season of Warriors Football.


7/25 & 7/26       AYL 7 on 7 Tourney, grades 6 thru 8th,

                         Denver South HS

7/27/15             First week of Practices

8/15/15             Mandatory Weigh-In, Sports Authority HQ

8/22 & 8/23       Rumble at the Rock tourney

8/29/15             First Regular Season Game

9/2/15               1 st Make-up Weigh-In, Avalanche Grill

9/9/15               2 nd Make-up Weigh-In, Avalanche Grill

10/24/15           Last Regular Season Game

10/31/15           Playoffs begin

11/07/15           Playoffs continue

11/13 - 11/15    Super Bowl - Denver South HS


by posted 07/04/2015
Football Registration Status

Warriors Football is rapidly coming to a close.  Current status is as follows:

7 Year old has only 2-3 spots available

8 Year old is FULL - wait lists only!

9 Year old has only 3 spots available

10 Year old s FULL - wait list only!

11 Year old has only 4 spots available

12 Year old has only 6 spots available

13/14 Year old has only 4 spots available


Registration spots are filling quickly


All registrations if not paid upon the closure of the registration session will be placed on the "Wait List".  This prevents the registration from being automatically deleted for non -payment.  You can always pay the registration fee even though you are shown on a wait list.

by posted 06/03/2015
Warriors New Jerseys
New Warriors Football Jerseys for 2015!
Please note Warriors has to replace our current football jerseys due to the unavailability of the existing jerseys from manufacturers.  For 2015 Warriors will have new game jerseys for all teams at age 11 and below.  The new uniform will be Red Dazzle pants with a new Black Game jersey and Black Dazzle pants with a new Red Game jersey.  Team Coaches will have the option to use the Red pants with the Black jerseys only if they wish.  The standard Black game pants can be used with both new jerseys.
Please see the photos of the new uniforms below!

by posted 05/03/2015

Children's Hospital Colorado is an excellent resources for information for Warriors Parents regarding Concussion & Head Injuries.  Please go to the following link to view the Children's Hospital Concussion article:


by posted 04/06/2015

Last year USA Football completed a two year study that determined actual facts surrounding injuries associated with youth football.  This year USA Football continued their study by evaluating the impact of the USA Football's Heads Up Football program on youth football injuries.  The results are staggering - the bottom line is that this study found a 76% reduction in injuries for leagues participating in the USA Football program vs. leagues that do not take part in the program.  This year's study by the Datalys Center involved over 2,100 players, ages 5-15, across 100 teams and 10 youth organizations spanning four states.  The number of players from leagues committed to using USA Football's Heads Up Program were over 1,400 players while those players from leagues not using the Heads Up Program were just over 700 players.  The two-to-one difference in players using the Heads Up Program vs. players from leagues that did not use the Program was used to balance its youth football safety surveillance data for the 2012-13 study.

Some additional important results from the study are as follows:

Players in Heads Up Football leagues were 57% less likely to sustain a time-loss injury.

Compared to non-Heads Up Football leagues, Players in Heads Up Football leagues had a 34% reduction in concussions in practices and a 29 % reduction in concussions in games.

Through the now three years of research (2012-2014) encompassing more than 6,000 players ranging in age 5-15, 2.8 percent of all players sustained a concussion.

More than 90% of youth players in Heads Up Football leagues did not sustain an injury in game sor practices during the 2014 season.

Bruises were the most common injuries reported (27% of all injuries), followed by ligament sprains (22% of all injuries).

During a 12 week season with three practices per week, a youth player in a Heads Up Football-particpating league would receive 90 fewer head impacts than a player in a non-Heads Up Football league.


As many of you know your Warriors and the AYL are totally committed to using the USA Football's Heads Up Football program.  In 2014 97% of the Warriors Coaches were USA Football Tackle certified while 2015 will see 100% of all Warriors Football Coaches certified or they will not coach in our program!


(For those of you who wish to review the complete article on this year's study please go to the following url: http://usafootball.com/blogs/heads-up-football/post/9900/datalys-center-study-finds-usa-football%E2%80%99s-heads-up-football-program-reduces-injuries-by-76-percent )


Mike Lupton

Warriors Football



by posted 04/01/2015
Check out the Online Garage Sale/Lost & Found
Did you know that you can post your gently used sporting items on our website for FREE to sell to other Warriors families?  

Should you loose something at a field you can post a message on our site to possibly connect with someone that might have collected your item!

To post these items visit the Garage Sale/Lost & Found menu button on the left hand menu.

posted 04/28/2011
WYS mandatory USA Footba training for all coaches!
It is now mandatory that all coaches that coach for WYS and in the AYL must be USA Football Tackle Certified, including Concussion & Hydration training.

posted 04/18/2011
Game Results
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